Do you want to get involved and help us to arrange the best Goalball World Championship ever? Then you can apply to be a volunteer at our championship and also during the pre-tournament Lady- and Men Intercup. We are searching for volunteers to help us in different parts as officials, hosts, guides, informations and etcetera so we need as much help that is possible so please fill in the form under “Volunteer” and we will contact you really soon. Warm welcome to take part at the IBSA Goalball World Championship and Malmö Lady- and Men Intercup 2018.

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Important information

  • The balls that will be used during the championships will be the German balls.
  • All teams will get the official eye shades for their six players at the technical meeting. It will be the Goalfix Eclipse total blackout-type


  • The floor at the venues will be Pulastic plastic floor mounted on top of wooden floor.

  • The patches we will use is Opticlude from 3M. The tape will be Micropore from 3M.

Official staff

IBSA TD:                             Nejc Jakic

IBSA Ass. TD:                     Sivert Sivertsen

Tournament Director:          Peter Björkstrand

Organising Director:            Mats Linde

Sport Director:                     Thomas Jönsson

Administration:                    Helene Linde & Lisa Lundell

PR and Media                      Thomas Jönsson & Mats Linde


We will offer possibilities for classification of players who will be competing at the championship. The classifications will be done at the hospital in Malmö and will be done from the afternoon May 30th to June 1st. At the first entry form we need to know how many players each team have who needs classification to be able to make a schedule and fit all players in. At the second entry form we need to know the names of the players and that is the deadline to have all documents ready at the ISAS so that the players are eligible for classification.