IBSA Goalball and the organisation FIFH Malmö hereby invites your National team to the “IBSA Goalball World Championship 2018” which will take place in Malmö, Sweden, 30th May to 9th June 2018.

On this page you´ll find some first information about the competition, accommodations and entry-fees. The official pool-draw will take place on the 11th of January and straight after that we will have the game schedule completed. After the deadline for the first entry form you will get more information including the second entry form for names, travel details, photos and so on. Then you also will get your invoice which has to be paid no later than the deadline for the second entry form. It is very important that our deadlines will be followed by all teams, so that our planning can process and proceed without any delays. If there will be any extra costs for us as organiser due to delays we will be forced to charge the team who are responsible for the delay. So please make sure to keep the deadlines!


11th January    Pool Draw (11.00-12.30 local time)

15th February  First Entry form deadline

1st April          Second Entry form deadline

30th May         Arrivals before lunch

30/5-2/6         Classification and training

31st May         Opening ceremony at the City Town Hall

1st June          Technical meeting

3-7/6              Round robin

7th June          Quarterfinals

8th June          Semifinals and Medal games

8th June          Banquet

9th June          Departure


Peter Björkstrand, Tournament Director and responsible for the major competitions in goalball which takes place every year here in Malmö since the year of 1995. In twenty-three years we have worked hard to develop our sport but also competition arrangements around the sport to become more professional, qualitative, public and attractive by continuously find new ways to take the next step for making goalball perceived as other popular sports. We have worked in the same way when we arrange local, national and international competitions and it has been a successful way of working not showing at least the success of our two major international competitions Malmö Lady and Men Intercup. To now get the chance to crown the long and successful efforts to arrange the best goalball-tournament in the world is of course a great pleasure and privilege. I and the whole organization FIFH Malmö is proud to show you the city of Malmö and in return show Sweden and Malmö the amazing high level of the world's best goalballnations. I am convinced that we will get a great sports week in June and of course we are already working hard to make this year's world championship the best goalball event ever and the aim is again to take it all to the next level. Therefore we hope that you will follow the instructions and keep the deadlines so that we can succeed in our objective. I wish you all the best of luck in your preparation.